Thursday, February 5, 2009



Where are the lyrics?
Where is the rhyme
And where is the reason
For this sorrowful song?
The heart sings pain
And the heart hums strife.

They kill the children,
And rape the women.
The men have died
In senseless wars!!

Who needs words
For this sad song.
Which the heart sings?
The lyrics are in their eyes
A monotonous melody in their stride.
Its not a song,
Its a dirge.

7TH Nov. 2008

1 comment:

Emmanuel Sigauke said...

I like the melody in the lines, and of course, the reference to hearts singing where already no words are needed to express the sorrow. Where there is song there is hope.

I would work on the punctuation (e.g. the last two lines' use of the possessive "its" and not the contraction "It's").

I like the title too, although I believe that words, even when they betray us sometimes, are the nutrients of hope. I am working on a poetry collection called "A Sack of Words", to celebrate the life of words, or so I think...