Friday, February 27, 2009


North of here
is a place where
they talk about us
as if we are

Then you look
around you one day
and see the sun
has forgotten to smile
and when you send
it an email

after delays
it will send
only one sentence:
"Who ever told you
that I smile?"

Intense, I say.
So let them talk now;
and, unsmiling,
we will thrash on
with our existence
while from a distance
they look and sob.


Emily Masiane said...

will u find it funny if i tell u i like this poem bt i dnt understand it? I won't worry to know wat place this is in the north. i am thinking the sun forgetting to smile, u sending her an email and she saying she don't smile. u gt on with yr life and she looks and sobs?? the sun.. representing a person?

Emmanuel Sigauke said...

Hi Emily, thanks.

I was just stretching the imagery a little bit and thought that the idea of the sun writing back and saying it never smiles would make me happy; but, of course I wanted the main issue to be about how we talk about other people, reach conclusions, without even understanding them.