Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Skeletal beings
Eyes bulging out
Bony arms
And legs,
Milky white teeth
Gaze unblinking
Into the distance..
No appetite for food
For sex,
For life itself.
They are waiting to die.
Bodies disease ridden,
Bitter hearts,
Angry hearts,
Sometimes just resignation.
Where is hope?
Where is love?
They are waiting to die.
There are men,
Women, children
In varying stages of degradation.
All going one direction.
Is there hope
Beyond the grave?
Is there life on yonder?
They are waiting to die..
It is "the big one
With a small name"
The scourge of Africa.
Unbridled lusts
Incubating death
In nations loins..
They are waiting to die
Unwilling passengers
At the last bus-stop.
Ticket paid in blood,
In advance...
They will all get on the bus.
Though some will linger...
They are waiting to die