Friday, December 19, 2008

Is this fantasy (Zimbabwe)?

With natural senses shut,
eyes of faith open,
I begin to envision
things that are not,
as if they were.

The tables have been turned
as a new era begins.
Is this for real,
Or another good dream?

I see people
pregnant with expectation-
filled with hope
and determination.

Hatred & bitterness
as grace adorns
hearts with forgiveness.

I see hearts of stone
melted by flames of love.
Change is in the
trust has replaced fear.

I see brokenness healed
as dignity is restored.
From the North and the East,
the South and the West-
All are returning to rebuild.

Violence and bloodshed
are coming to an end-
people stand hand in hand,
as they rebuild their land.

I see people in battle,
slaying sin & corruption,
Fighting AIDS, division and poverty
with unity and with dignity.

I taste the sweetness
of liberty; a new ZIM-
May this dream
become reality.

Posted by Shilla Mutamba


Emmanuel Sigauke said...

Strong message, Shilla. The nightmare will end and we'll begin to dream again. An honest poem about Zim's present and future, expressing a simple wish: will all this be over one day?

sarudzayi barnes said...

Good message of hope Shilla. I agree with Emmanuel, the dust will settle and we will pick the pieces together.